Terms & Conditions

Crumb Cakes delicious homemade cakes for South Yorkshire… You’ll only leave a Crumb.

All deposits are non-refundable (no order is started until deposit is paid)

  • Final payment (in cash) is due on collection/delivery for all celebration cakes
  • Final payment on wedding cakes is due 2 weeks before the wedding date. Your order will not be started until final payment is made
  • All payments to be made in cash or by bank transfer
  • Crumb Cakes will not hold any date without the non-refundable deposit
  • Crumb Cakes will not ‘chase’ any deposit payments – if the payment is not made the date will remain available for others to book so may become unavailable for you 
  • Bespoke specifications will be met within reason and to the best of our ability
  • It is understood that certain designs cannot be replicated (due to copyright etc)
  • Designs of cakes may vary 
  • All sugar models made are only caricature pieces and will not resemble actual people/characters
  • Exact colour matching is not available
  • It is understood that no changes to design can be made once work has started on the cake or specific items have been purchased
  • Crumb Cake deliveries will be made during the evenings only (except for wedding cake deliveries) 
  • Delivery times will be adhered to where possible. We will not be held responsible for delays due to accidents, severe weather conditions or unforeseen breakdowns
  • Collection times must be adhered to at all times (pre arranged exceptions are permitted)
  • You will be asked to sign for your cake/goods on collection/delivery to accept that the cake design is what you ordered, you have understood the transportation advice, allergy advice and that the goods are no longer Crumb Cakes responsibility
  • Once your cake/goods leave Crumb Cakes premises, it/they are no longer Crumb Cakes responsibility
  • No responsibility can be taken by Crumb Cakes for any damage incurred during transportation by you or at your home/venue
  • Crumb Cakes will offer to try to repair any damage (caused while in your care during transportation or at your venue etc) at your cost, depending on the level of damage and our availability
  • All goods are made in a kitchen that can/does contain allergens. Therefore Crumb Cakes goods are not suitable for allergy sufferers
  • All our cakes/goods are made fresh to order and do not contain any added preservatives/additives. Crumb Cakes advise that cakes are consumed within 3-5 days from collection/delivery
  • All cakes/goods must be stored correctly (in a cool place but NOT in the fridge) 
  • Crumb Cakes will hold no responsibility for spoilage after this time or because of incorrect storage
  • Crumb Cakes reserves the right to cancel your order in the event of illness or serious injury on our part. In the event of this happening we will try to pass your order to another reputable local baker. If a local baker can be found, any monies already paid by you will be passed to the baker by Crumb Cakes and your final payment will be to the new baker. If a baker cannot be found, any monies already paid by you will be returned to you and your order cancelled
  • If Crumb Cakes has to cancel your order due to abusive, rude or aggressive behaviour/comments on your part, no monies will be returned
  • In the unlikely event that you are disappointed with your cake, you must inform Crumb Cakes immediately 
  • Any negative comments regarding Crumb Cakes on any social media etc will void any possible refund and communication with you will cease immediately
  • Any aggressive, rude or abusive behaviour or comments on your part (during  correspondence with us) will void any possible refund and communication with you will cease immediately
  • Any refunds due will only be made with the immediate return of the full cake
  • A decision on level of refund will be made by Crumb Cakes and will vary according to the fault/complaint
  • No refund will be made for individual tastes
  • No refund will be made for damage caused by you at your home/venue, during transportation or incorrect handling/storage
  • All decisions made by Crumb Cakes are final 

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